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J Michael Tatum -Drawing by Nippip
J Michael Tatum -Drawing
J Michael Tatum has helped to form me to such a degree that I don't really know who I'd be if I hadn't discovered him. For those who don't know he is an american anime voice actor. I myself don't really watch anime anymore but if there is one anime I'd happily rewatch it's Steins; Gate. Other animes I've seen him in include Black Butler, Baccano!, Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Romeo x Juliet, Spice and Wolf, Hetalia, Soul Eater and many more. Thank you Tatum for being such a big Doctor Who and Shakespeare fan :)

This Drawing is a couple of years old and the scale if reasonably big.
(P)Rick -The Young Ones by Nippip
(P)Rick -The Young Ones
Another shot of my improvised Rick cosplay. I think I might update it in the future, I have brought a new beret. I really want to make his yellow overalls, bit then I wouldn't get away with not cutting my hair which is closer to Richie than Rick. 
Ade Edmondson -Pulling faces by Nippip
Ade Edmondson -Pulling faces
I drew this last weekend using a combination of pencils ink and charcoal. I am a HUGE fan of both Rik and Ade. I was lucky enough to go see him on stage in "Neville's Island" I really enjoyed the play it was well executed on every level. My favourite out of Adrian's work would have to be Bottom though. I just love the relationship at the heart of it. I also really like the young ones. as one would and I have also seen Adrian in stuff like Snakes and Ladders, Teenage Kicks, a variety of cooking shows ... I have just ordered a complete set of The comic strip presents and a really looking forward to digging in to those as well. So far the only one I've seen is Bad News and that was really good. Speaking of music, The Bad Shepherds is a divine band. Adrian really is a multifaceted guy. 
Martin Freeman - mixed techniques by Nippip
Martin Freeman - mixed techniques
I drew this almost two years ago along with my other Martin stuff. It is from the first Hobbit premier. I used pencils, ink, coal and pastel. I like the unfinished look, but I must say that it'd probably be better balanced if I drew it today. 
Jolly Shakespeare by Nippip
Jolly Shakespeare
My second Shakespearian Christmas card design. 
Drawn with quill and ink and coloured digitally.

Love this choice! I hoped for an older, but still good looking bloke. And more importantly he is a good actor AND I already knew who he was! But I still had a emotional brake-down after he was announced, it hit me like a spear through the stomach that Matt Smith will see the end and it is for real, not just some night mare. Peter Capaldi is the doctor, but DOCTOR WHO? I'm looking forward to find out where he takes it.

PS. If the next one is not female and/or ginger something's going to die!


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thanks for the fav:)
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Us fans  gotta stick together in these hard times :)
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thank you so much for the fav!!!!!! :hug:
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You're welcome, I love your watercolours, I was never any good at watercolours. 
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thank you for the favs again!!!!!! Well I can't draw mangas and comics but I try to get better :D 
Nippip Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015
Tryng is the only way of going about it. 
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