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The Peoples Poet by Nippip
The Peoples Poet
Just came home from my first convention in two years. It was 10 minutes from my house, so what had I to loose? Went as Rick, not sure if anyone recognised me, but I hadn't expected as much.  Conventions really aren't a place for me I'm not really in to anime or manga or any of that stuff so the majority of their contents are completely irrelevant to me. If there was a British comedy convention, I'd bee all over it.

I still have to say that I am tempted to make a new cosplay. Might finish my Bilbo one or if I can get my head into gear and find a British comedy with a large Norwegian audience I could do something from that. I was thinking the Mighty Boosh, Python or Black Books might have a bit of an audience. The latter two don't have as many good cosplay options though. There is always Blackadder, but that stuff 'd bee a nightmare to sew.
Saucy films - Bottom by Nippip
Saucy films - Bottom
Just Richie and Eddie watching porn and having a bit of a snog ... Whistling 

Now I don't want to be one of those artists who trash their own art, but I have grown to hate this with a passion. It took far to long to make and with this technique it's bloody difficult to do details and to go back and change things. I meant it to look weird and stiff and awkward. It's just .. well it looks weird and stiff and awkward, and the light is difficult as well, just all so difficult!

Enough art trashing! I couldn't not upload it, so here it is. May or may not be an illustration of something I wrote ... I mean ... couch ... no I don't write, never. (Seriously though I'm not a writer.) If anyone stumbles upon something I've written I pity you!

Still calling this Edchie btw, though Reddie is also rather good ... I'm not a hardcore shipper of things, but I just love Richie and Eddies confused half canon relationship. 

Materials: Oil pastel and dry pastel on white paper. Oil pastel applied as a base with dry pastel and charcoal applied on top with the use of a paintbrush. (Told you it was a tedious process.)
Ade -Honest, Decent and True by Nippip
Ade -Honest, Decent and True
I have been mildly obsessed with this film lately. I think mainly because Ade is so god-damn sexy throughout, but also because he sings so well in the ending titles.Giggle  There is also the matter of the films themes and so on, I am just a sucker for small scale British films about the complexities of advertisement in thatchers Britain.#1   Somehow Ade manages to appear in lots of those, I love his choice of projects, an unknown Ade film or series is always a safe bet ... anyone seen "If You See God, Tell Him"? Imelda Staunton 's in that one,  this one (Honest, Decent and True) 's got a very young Gary Oldman ... weird.

This drawing is obviously focusing on the visual Ade related aspects of the film, like "Oh god what hair" and "Fucking arms!"Psychotic 

Materials: Dry pastels on smooth black paper. 
Small B'stard by Nippip
Small B'stard
The only good thing to come from Maggie Thatcher is great satire, particularly the one that allows Rik Mayall to be sexy ;)

Aquarell pencils and charcoal pencil, small format. 


Nippip's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I live in Trondheim Norway where I study drama. I do however have a passion for art history and literature, but maybe even more important in deviantart context is my love of British comedy.
The lack of school should logically lead to more activity on deviant art. It doesn't though. I have been quite productive, but it's mainly been writing and crocheting. What I've been drawing hasn't been worth uploading in my opinion. On top of that I am berefed of my sweet Photoshop so anything I upload will be soggy and yellow ... Hey ho that's how it goes.

Soon I'll be going out in the woods for a Lord of The Rings live and that ought to be exciting not to say strange. Never done anything like it so I'm slightly nervous.  After that I'm off to England, will poke around the Rik Mayall memorial, haven't had time to visit it before so it'll be ... well some feeling or other, we'll see.

Have a nice summer you people :)
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